1. Any current SEO that’s been doing this for a long time knows that over the years SEO has changed a lot. From the birth of the modern day internet in 1994 to the current date of 2014, SEO has seen all sorts of changes that have become increasingly more intelligent and requiring increasingly more effort to do.

    SEO History

    What’s changed in the search engines

    Back when the internet was first created, there wasn’t really a good system in place in undoing the effects of spam. You could basically just link your website whereever possible and this would lead to higher rankings for you in the search.

    As we all know, today this is not the case.

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    Google has very strict measures in place to keep a lot of spam tactics from helping your website. You may see an initial jump in SERP placement upon the use of SPAM but before long you will see yourself drop from the SERPs because Google has realized what you’re doing and doesn’t approve of it.

    Overall the internet has become a much better place because of this because only serious websites can make it to the top spots so you know you’re getting something good whenever you do a search on Google.