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Some of the saddest black women on the web are on this page. Christelyn D. Karazin’s is the “author” Beyond Black & White. Like a lot of blogs focused on black women who interracially date, the blog focuses a lot on how black men aren’t worth shit, how black women who marry/date black men aren’t worth shit, how black men aren’t worth shit, and how any man who isn’t black is a GOD. Tons of “White is Right” worship here.  On the facebook page when it was pointed out to her by *gasp* black women who interracially date that DON’T hate black men that she is constantly spewing self hate, would you believe these women had the nerve to accuse us of being black men PRETENDING to be black women? The hate runs so strong. 

"Believe it or not there are black women out there who can date men outside of their race without throwing black people under the bus. Some of us just date men outside of our race…well..because they are men." 

Here was her response to me:

"More trolls! Chicks like you Erin make me itch. I just bet you have a hard time with hiphop, Kanye & Kim, Ice T & Coco, Khloe & Lamar and the 24% IR marriage rate of the scant 1/3 of BM who DO marry. (Insert sarcastic tone)but of course not. Chicks like you never heckle swirling BM just swirling BW. Oh PLEASE do come to my page with this nonsense, PLEASE."

What? All because I didn’t agree.

I was also accused of LYING about being in an interracial relationship. Why? Because apparently you can’t be a black woman in an interracial relationship without HATING BLACK MEN. Why is this a theme that won’t end? Not all of us are trying to escape from our blackness. Not all of us hate being black so much that we put other races on a pedestal.  

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    ive had this discussion many times before
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    It truly saddens me,but at the end of the day..we know why they are the way that they are. We know that they have been...
  4. malacyne answered: I concur. I have backed away from IR dating blogs because of this. I like black men, even though they don’t seem to like me too much.
  5. kwirkyqwanzaa answered: I agree with you. I have a white boyfriend and I’ve never been happier. Race has little to nothing to do with someone’s heart and mind.
  6. theunemployedsuperstar answered: out of all the bwe blogs, christelyn’s is the worst. it’s loaded with self hatered
  7. sincerelyashle answered: That’s what happens when you entertain the notions of simple-minded people…apparently ignorance is still bliss
  8. prettysmellyshiny answered: Any sexy man had the potential to get in these panties. I just happen to be with a pale dude now because I love him.
  9. sadesjourney said: That FB page of women need to know that dating outside of your race should not be any source of validation 4 themselves.
  10. sadesjourney answered: Wow. Stuff like that is just sad to see. Dating outside of your race/culture has nothing to do with hate of the opposite sex/same race.
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